We love that you are here! Get to know us a little better.

Who are we?
We are a creative studio integrated by designers, developers and strategists specialized in the visual identity of your brand.

As a creative spin-off from Regius, we specialize in visual and corporate consulting. We study your graphic and digital needs, in search of the growth and enhancement of your projects, offering elements that improves your business.

Brand Concepts
Graphic Design
Web Design
Digital Marketing and SEO
Why choose Krea?
  • We have a fresh, highly qualified and creative young talent.
  • We give our best in every project. Our goal is to reflect innovation, creativity and originality in each concept, design or strategy.
  • We maintain a ‘Customer first’ philosophy, creating flexible and reliable long-term relationships.
  • We have high quality controls in each of the projects.
  • We have successfully developed projects for a long list of industries.
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United we are stronger
An integrated team generates great results
We have a group of talented, responsible and reliable professionals.
Our Work

Enhance your business with all the creative tools we can use.

Ideal Future

That each brand in which we collaborate is the best in its industry.

This studio was born to generate visual solutions, and offer advice and digital expertise for those who need it. All your visual identity under the same guidelines.

Daniel Acosta
Creative Director / Founder

It is wonderful to have a team as committed and loyal as we have. They give a maximum of quality and creativity in each project.

Pierpaolo Devigili
Architect / Founder

Each client has a particular need. The key to the strategic success of our studio is to adapt ourselves with flexibility to their circumstances.

Lorenzo Acosta
Chief Commercial Officer

Creative process steps:


Brand and market research. Hurricane of ideas.

Our first step is based on obtaining knowledge, understanding the brand and the target, and then generating interesting and useful ideas. Lots of them.


Development and design of ideas.

We take the solutions to actions, starting with the process of sketching and preliminary tests, advancing to the ideal design or development.


Work presentation. Execution of proposed strategies.

When the team finishes the creations, they are presented to the client in the most convenient way for him. Afterwards, the digital strategies are executed and all the scheduled material is delivered.

Meet the Krea family
Talented, smart and creative people

With her sympathy, she makes our clients feel at home.

Eumir Escobar
Commercial Assistant

The voice of experience in customer attention and sales.

Daniel López
Commercial Manager

Connoisseur of the community, he is our strength and impulse in digital marketing.

Junior Berostegui
Community Manager

Our youngest talent, of great dreams and goals.

Luis Manzano
Web Developer

Creative and original. One of Krea’s pillars from its beginnings.

Maylin Guerrero
Graphic Designer

A CCO of great commitment, responsibility and order.

Lorenzo Acosta
Chief Commercial Officer

A visionary of disruptive ideas. Pure and true creativity.

Pierpaolo Devigili
Architect / Founder

The creative voice of our projects. Takes the design to its maximum splendor.

Daniel Acosta
Creative Director / Founder

Do not be fooled by his seriousness. Our CWO is kind and talented.

Ruy De Jesús
Chief Web Officer