Wok Teriyaki

Chinese Restaurant.

The Wok Teriyaki restaurant was a real challenge for our studio, having a very high standard of quality, a list of exquisite dishes, famous for their particular taste and flavor. Our design had to be up to the circumstances and enhance their position among their competitors.

  • ClientWok Teriyaki
  • IndustryFood/Gastronomy
  • ServicesLogo design, Menu Design, Packaging design
Graphic elements of very good taste
An elegance based design.

The visual identity that was created for Wok maintained a common aspect: elegance. For a luxury restaurant, with wonderful decorations and attractive dishes, it was essential to have a menu, tablecloths and packaging that conveyed that quality.


Creating the Wok graphic line was a very interesting challenge. We analyze the country's culture, as well as its most recurrent patterns and figures.

Maylin Guerrero - Graphic Designer
Subtlety in each curve of the typography.

A logo of artistic strokes.

Creating this logo entailed an open understanding of the restaurant’s philosophy, its history and its referential vision of the future. An identity that is enduring in time, clear in its message and artistically exquisite.

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