Invoice and administrative management.

Vitalprime is a highly professional financial company, with associates that provide a first class service. They have offices in United States and Costa Rica. Their goal is to help people manage their accounts and avoid unnecessary fines, and improve bill payments on time each month. A series of important services that required a corporate concept that linked to their professional roots.

  • ClientVitalPrime
  • IndustryEconomy/Finance
  • ServicesLogo design, Stationery design, Web design
A strong and fast creature
A mythical brand concept that exalts financial growth.

The brand concept that we developed for VitalPrime was based on a mythological creature that could reach high speeds, as well as having the ability to fly: the pegasus. With this concept we emulate the ability to take a project and promote its growth to the very clouds.

This mythological animal represents all the qualities that a financial institution of this magnitude must have.

Maylin Guerrero - Graphic Designer
A simple, elegant and lasting design.

VitalPrime received graphic elements that gave it strength in the market.

In a globalized and competitive world, it is important that any financial institution has what it takes to overcome market challenges. We wanted to give VitalPrime the graphic tools to achieve it. Due to the magnitude and location of this company, its design is based on the representative colors of those countries, and the elegance, dynamism, solidity and imposing presence of a pegasus.

Stationery and Website

Graphical simplicity applied to finances
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