Digital ecosystem.

Parkour is a discipline that overcomes obstacles, uses physical and mental skills, and achieves an objective in a creative way. Following this line of thought, a company that supports technological talents, places them in large technology companies, and provides them with support and information to achieve their goals as professionals, fits perfectly in that concept. That’s where the Parkode brand was born.

  • ClientParkode
  • IndustryTechnology/Design
  • ServicesBrand Concepts, Logo Design, Stationery Design, Logo Animation
Modern and attractive design in sight
The creation of Parkode.

Being a sport practiced mainly by young people, parkour is an excellent example of perseverance, overcoming and increasing talent. For this reason, Parkode is born from the logical union between Parkour and Code, creating a phonetic and written orientation that directly explains what the company means. This is, among other things, people willing to learn, take risks and participate in technological adventures.

In this logo we wanted to represent the fluidity and movement of parkour, combining it with technological and youthful aspects, through the use of negative space and attractive dynamism

Daniel Acosta - Creative Director
Graphic line that supports the company

An appropriate visual identity for a digital adventure.

The graphic and visual development of this concept is perfectly adapted to the international structure proposed by the company. There is a large deficit of programmers and developers worldwide. Parkode is undoubtedly an excellent starting point to attract young people into this digital adventure, a trip that will allow them to create wonders in the future.

Isotype Concept

Use of negative space


with a minimalistic graphic style

Logo reveal

for digital marketing purposes
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