Software factory.

With an inventive culture and fascinated by technology, geeks manage the systems that make the world work. The future of our globalized society needs geeks to design, create and develop fantastic and useful ideas, turned into applications and software that satisfy any need. Hence our concept of Next Geek (Neek), a software factory company that integrates excellent programmers and designers from all around the world, developing concepts and digital tools for people.

  • ClientNeek
  • IndustryTechnology/Mobile Applications
  • ServicesBrand Concepts, Logo design, stationery design, t-shirt design
Modern brand concept
A visual and technological identity with the latest trends.

This company has very attractive projects in the financial, social and entertainment world. The creation of these applications is based on the fundamental concepts of UX. That’s why so many interesting services should be reflected in a modern and minimalist graphic line, full of technological elements.

Neek is a powerful and fresh name, full of technological life and with a pleasantly and friendly appearance.

Maylin Guerrero - Graphic Designer
A visual line applied to young people

Irreducible designs and special graphic pieces for future geeks.

This international brand has a minimalist vision, where experience and quality towards the user is the most important. It has a modern and fun essence. Its visual identity, applied in stationery, posters and T-shirts, is based on irreducibility, that is, designing in the simplest and most useful way possible, without visually overloading the final art.

T-Shirt Design

awesome gradient colors
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