Handmade soap.

Hawaii is the only U.S. state composed entirely of islands, fill with a varied flora, minerals, vitamins, and a natural environment that promotes renewal and relaxation. Within his native language, the craftsman is known as Kahuna and the nature as Maoli. The concept of Kaoli is born from the combination of both terms.

  • ClientRegius Group
  • IndustryHealth/Hygiene
  • ServicesBrand Conceptualization, Logo Design, Packaging Design
Beautiful artisan concept and design
Kaoli is the perfect union between craftsmanship and nature.

In a competitive market such as Latin America, Kaoli is created as a brand full of freshness, art and natural inspiration. Its range of products begins with the creation of visually fantastic handmade soaps, excellent quality and dermatological benefits.

We wanted to create a concept that was unique, artisan and capable of evoking nature.

Daniel Acosta - Creative Director
A package with beautiful colors and patterns

Taking hygiene to a next level.

Kaoli needed a logo and a package that would fulfill the expectations of such a unique and powerful name. So, with soft native strokes, a range of five beautiful colors, and a background design based on natural patterns, we combined art, relaxation and the fascinating culture of Hawaii.

Packaging Designs

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