Product commercialization.

For a company that distributes and commercializes products, a website with clear information and services content must be developed. That was the case of Ingedamca, commercializer of a wide range of products and industries, whose landing page is presented as a reference in their area.

  • ClientIngedamca
  • IndustryCommerce
  • ServicesWeb design, landing page design
Graphical simplicity that enlights
Clearness in the shapes and exaltation of colors.

The importance of a good layout is evident in the website of Ingedamca, as well as the use of nice shapes and colors. With powerful gradients and dynamic figures, Ingedamca takes on a personality that defines it on a digital level.

We use complementary colors such as orange and blue to define an identity full of dynamism, thus encompassing a huge line of products included in the company.

Ruy de Jesús - Chief Web Officer
A philosophy of less is more
Simple diagramming, positive results.

The schematization of this landing page was quite simple and direct, generating a very user-friendly experience. The fluidity begins from the presentation of the services, industries and benefits, until the final contact.

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