Home Renovations

Kitchen and Tiles Remodeling and Materials.

The Home Renovations company asked us for an innovative design, full of minimalism and sobriety, that would maintain a theme always related to the main purpose of the company: kitchens and floors remodeling, and the sale of those materials. A design that included numerous aspects of the graphic line.

  • ClientHome Renovations
  • IndustryConstruction/Home Remodeling
  • ServicesLogo design, Advertising design
Tools to boost their remodeling business
A service with great growth opportunities.

By using the right graphic tools and an enhanced visual identity, Home Renovations takes a huge step forward in their market, and in the way they interact with their final consumers.

I love the minimalism of the Home Renovations isotype; the way in which subtle lines and shapes can generate a innovative concept.

Maylin Guerrero - Graphic Designer
a graphic line with the harmony of a home

High quality materials deserve high quality designs.

Such as a newly remodeled kitchen, or a newly polished floor, the designs made convey purity, confidence and sobriety, qualities that are fundamental pillars of the vision of this company.

Billboard banner design

close to the location of store

Advertising on Cargo Transport Vehicles

permanent visibility
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