Entrepreneurship development.

In a globalized world full of entrepreneurs and future professionals, a company seeks to support these enthusiasts throughout the process of developing their projects, from its inception, to successful goals. What could be the name of this company? We created a concept based on the word ‘Gutten’, which means ‘young’ in Norwegian. It also has a phonetic similarity with Good and Gut (‘good’ in german).

  • ClientGutten
  • IndustryEntrepreneurship
  • ServicesBrand Concepts, Logo Design, Stationery Design, Magazine Design
A concept of benefit for young people
Gutten represents well-being in all its splendor.

The name Gutten delivers a main concept: well-being for young people in their development as entrepreneurs. And that well-being is based on financial, social, strategic and collaborative support.

We are very proud of what we achieve with this concept. A combination of different languages and terms in a single word.

Daniel Acosta - Creative Director
A fresh and modern visual line

Entrepreneurship just got better.

We developed an innovative visual identity for Gutten, using fresh, simple and cheerful elements that represent their business core as accurately as possible. A graphic line full of growth and professionalism.

Informative Magazine

With a beautiful simple style
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